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iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair Sydney

Broken Screen?

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair Sydney

Free quotes for all iPhone 6 Plus screen repairs

Call us now at 02 9280 2771 or walk in to our store located in Shop 4 / 160 Broadway Chippendale, Sydney NSW 2008 to receive free quote for your iPhone 6 Plus screen replacement or repair.

Benefits Of Choosing iResQ:

- Ensures that no amount of dust or dirt gets between the pieces of glass

- Ensures that the glass and touch wouldn’t have any kind of moisture or humidity entrapped

- Ensures that touch sensor would work as it used to since the contact between the glass and touch has been ensured

Another added benefits that you would be able to utilize provided that you have chosen iResQ for iPhone 6 Plus screen repair in Sydney is the guarantee that your device will be completely fixed and will be as good as new once it gets back from the repair center. Our technical staff is not going to request you to make the payment until or unless the device has not been fixed. Once you have received your device back in your hand and have tried it to make sure that the screen along with the touch sensors etc. have been fixed and are working properly, then only do you need to make the payment.

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair Sydney Options:

- Book in via the utilization of the online website

- Mail in or posting your device mail to our store

- Bringing the device yourself to the service center, getting it fixed, making the payment and returning with your device in its pristine condition

Choose us now and see the difference for yourself. We guarantee that you won’t have to regret making the decision of choosing iResQ.


iPhone 6 Plus Front Glass Screen Repair Price: $189

iPhone 6 Plus Glass & LCD Repair Price: $230